My Cat is Matted and Gaining Weight!

By | January 3, 2012


My cat is 10 years old. This is the 2nd or 3rd year of cat matting, which is a couple of years since my daughter left the home.  I believe there has been less environmental stress but I do work long hours, and I would guess that lack of mental stimulation/companionship during the day is the worst she has to deal with. The cat has – also due to lack of activity – gained weight.


Dr. Nichol:

Unless your kitty has chosen dread locks as a fashion statement it is likely that her hair is matted because she has stopped grooming. This occurs in cats who are behaviorally stressed and in those who are sick.


Feline obesity has become, well, a huge problem. Fatty liver disease and diabetes are expanding in lock step with the growing corpulence of indoor cats. Some are so fat they can’t turn around to clean themselves. Add your kitty’s enforced boredom to the stew and you have a rather unkempt couch potato. It isn’t pretty.


There may be more. Mouth pain from chronic dental or gum disease can make it uncomfortable for a cat to groom. At age 10 your kitty may be at risk of kidney failure, which often results in painful oral ulcers. Before making any assumptions about why your girl missed the homecoming dance I urge you to ask your veterinarian to search hard for a physical diagnosis.

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