How to Groom a Cat and Survive the Experience

By | January 21, 2012

If you watch your cat when it is awake you wont have to wait long before she starts to wash herself.

When Is a Good Time to Groom a Cat?
A good question. Have you ever tried to make your cat do something that she does not want to do? I know its impossible and ends in tears, usually yours. If you need to groom your cat then don’t force your attentions on her. Try and make the grooming session enjoyable for her and have her purr in delight as you groom her. It might not be the best thing to do if either you or kitty are in a bad mood- a hissing and scratching cat does not make the subject of a good groom.

Why Brush a Cat’s Hair?
I brush my hair nearly every day as it keeps it in good condition and lets the natural oils from the scalp spread through my hair. Daily brushing keeps the tangles out and helps prevent cat hair matting. Cats have just the same problems with their hair as we do, but they also have the added problem of the need to remove dirt particles and probably bits of undergrowth if they are allowed outdoors.

Choosing the right brush or comb is just as difficult as choosing your own. Metal combs are really useful to do that first comb through. Start at her head and move slowly to her tail, doing only so much as she will tolerate. When you have combed her, and she has probably run off, go and find her and use a bristle brush to remove all the loose and dead hair. Many cats have really sensitive areas- like humans, so be very careful if you find one. The usual suspect areas are around her chest and her tummy.

Long haired cats need a little more care. You need to pay more attention to their legs and tummy as this is where they can get large knots. She may want more attention on her tail, if so , let it spread out on your lap and brush the tail gently so that the hair brushes out to the side.

Bathing Your Cat                                                                                               Bath your cat only if it is really necessary.

When I was a teenager we moved into a new home which had an unguarded chimney stack. My mother’s white Persian ran up the chimney and came down, black, so amidst all the furniture arriving, we had to bath the cat.

Before you start, pop down to your local pet store and buy shampoo that can be used on cats. If you use your own mild shampoo you may have problems rinsing it out, which could cause skin irritation for your cat in future days and expensive veterinarian bills for you!

Firstly, make sure that the door to the room you are in is securely fastened and that you have a couple of soft, warmed towels available.

After you have brushed her to get all of the loose hairs out, deposit her on the sink in about 4″ of warm water. She will be very surprised at this point. If you have a shower or spray attachment give her a quick shower, if not, use your hand and wet her coat.

Apply the shampoo and rinse in accordance with the manufacturers instructions- make sure that you manage to rinse the last of the shampoo out.

Pick her up in the towel(now you know why a thick towel is preferred) and dry her gently- the second towel will be useful to dry yourself off when the cat shakes herself over you.

Nail Clipping
I don’t recommend this. If she is an outdoors cat then she should not need it doing. My mum’s current cat, Bluebell has hers done professionally- she has to, she has nine toes on each foot and it its hard to keep track of her toenails. If, like Bluebell you have nail issues visit the veterinarian , perhaps making an appointment to have her nails done when she is having her annual booster injections.                                                                                       When it comes to grooming your cat, with just these few tips-you WILL survive!


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